Helical Piers have been around for many years and thousands of applications.

Helical Piers come in different designs- Generally speaking: Round Shaft Helical Piers are used for “Compression” applications such as foundation repairs and supports for both Residential and Commercial applications in addition to new construction such as Walkways, Building supports, Light poles, Board Walks, Utility equipment etc.

While Square Shaft Helical Piers are used for “Tension” Applications such as Tie Backs, Anchoring Applications, Guying Towers, Tilt Up construction etc.

Milspec is a certified installer of Helical Piers – “let us quote your project” Our specialized equipment can proof load installations

Most Common Sizes below – (Custom Sizes Available)

Round shaft:  2 7/8″ – 3 1/2″   Larger Diameters Available

Square Shaft:  1 1/2 – 1 3/4″

Helix Sizes: 6″ – 16″   Larger Diameters Available

 Length:  5′ and 7′ sections with extensions depths of 30′ or more can be obtained if needed

Brackets etc.: Base plates, timber attachment, Solar, light pole, foundation etc.  custom brackets can also be efficiently and economically manufactured for most any application


Helical Piers are Available both Bare and Galvanized

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