Ground Screw Mooring Anchor 1 1/4” Diameter Shaft 64” Long w/10” Helix with ”SWIVEL” – Hot dip Galvanized – made in USA

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Ground Screw Mooring Anchor 1  1/4” Diameter Shaft 64”  Long w/10” Helix WITH ” SWIVEL” – Hot dip Galvanized – made in USA

Heavy Duty Ground Screw Mooring Anchor- great for Power Pole Stabilization Mooring Larger Boats, Floating Docks and more!
Holding strength is based  on soils which vary widely -reduced in softer less dense soils and sandy soils.  To ensure maximum holding strength, anchor must be installed to full depth with the bottom of eyelet at ground level.

Ground Screw Anchors may be installed by hand or machine. The eye on the rod has a large opening to admit a turning bar for screwing the anchor down. The eye will also fit into an adapter available from most hole-boring machine manufacturers so the anchor may be power-installed. The No-Wrench Screw Anchor consists of steel eye rod welded to a steel helix. The entire anchor is hot-dip galvanized for long resistance to rust.

A great choice when anchoring in soft soils that reduce the pull out resistance of smaller anchors to below what is required.


  • Used for guying wires at utility poles and mooring boats and hundreds additional applications
  • Ground Screw Anchors are installed by simply turning anchor into ground. No Wrench Anchors may be driven by hand or with power equipment.
  • One piece Shaft W/ welded Eye/ 64” Long
  • Ground Screw anchor w/ 5/8”  Swivel and rod with an angled point, and a firmly welded 10″ helix.
  • 10” Helix is 1/4″ thick.
  • Hot dip galvanized to meet ASTM Specification A153, Class C.
  • Heavy duty 5/8″ Swivel lets chain or rope spin with out unscrewing anchor or knotting up

Ground Screw Anchors are top quality – used extensively by Power Utility Companies, Cable companies, Telephone  Companies  and contractors across the United states. A great choice when anchoring in shallow water. Additional Diameters, lengths and Helix sizes are available for a precise match to your project. This Screw Anchor can be outfitted with chain or cable either Galvanized or stainless steel is available.

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Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in