Trampoline Tie-down Kit Complete with Ratchet Straps


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Trampoline Tie-down Kit Complete with Ratchet Straps

Trampoline Tie-down Kit Complete All included- nothing else needed – Ideal for even the Largest Trampoline

Includes the following:

4/ea.   4″ Arrowhead Ground Anchors with 3/16 x 30″ Galvanized Cable Assembly

1/ea. Drive Rod for Anchor installation- Will allow installation in even the most Rocky soils!

4/ea.   1″ x 6′ Ratchet Straps 4,400 lb capacity

4/ea.   3/16″ x 12″ Galvanized cable slings- will attach to any designed Trampoline

Anchors and Ratchet straps MADE IN USA

Anchor:  4″ Arrowhead Ground Anchor  w/30″ GAC with thimble end 2,300 or more ea/ pull out resistance in dense soils
Ratchet Strap:  1″ x 6′ ratchet Strap 4/400 lb capacity S hook ends
Cable sling:  Double looped 12″ cable sling- attaches around any trampoline design for positive anchoring

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in