Chain Link Fence “Between Post” Anchor Kit



Chain Link Fence “Between Post” Anchor Kit

Anchors are attached to the bottom of the fence by pulling the anchor back through the loop of the cable and then driven into the ground. Over driving slightly will allow for the anchor to set as it is pulled back.

Chain Link Fence "Between Post Anchors" Kit

Chain Link Fence “Between Post” Anchor Kit

Kit Comes with: 

40- 2″ Anchors w/1/8″ Galvanized cable finished in a “closed loop”

 1- 16″ Installation drive tool

 Secure your yard or kennel – keep your pets or garden safe and keep unwanted animals out

Chain Link Fence “Between Post” Anchor Kit

Anchors:  2″ Anchors with 24″ of 1/8″ cable attached in a closed loop
Cable:  1/8″ GAC with a minimum breaking Strength of 2000 LBS
Drive rod Tool:  5/8″ x 16″ Steel Drive Rod Tool
Simple and fast to install- strong and secure.  Offering years of security that your pet stays in your yard and that other animals stay out.
The Arrowhead Ground anchors are made from malleable Iron.   Anchors will last a life time. The cable is 7 x 19 Galvanized Aircraft cable. 1/8″ in diameter it has a 2000 lb minimum breaking strength.  The Arrowhead design makes it the anchor of choice when anchoring in any soil. Ideal for even the most rocky of soil.  The unique design allows them to thread through rocks and roots to allow for a great installation time after time. Great for your fenced in back yard, Kennel or garden fence. What ever the application you can rest assured the fence will stay secure.
Larger size anchors can be custom made for extra  soft soils. It is also possible to order with increases cable length.
Feel free to contact us with special or unique anchoring needs. We look forward to your challenge.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 18 in