MULTI PRO XA Rhino GPD 45 XA Gas Post Driver



MULTI PRO XA Rhino GPD 45 XA Gas Post Driver

The Multi-Pro XA has been tested and is now in production. The XA model was designed at the request of sign installers, municipalities and rental houses. This unit is the Multi-Pro with the extended anvil already installed into it, it has a longer Chuck-Lok chuck installed and is truly a 4 bolt change to switch to channel post, square tube and back to round. We have only added 7 pounds to the unit. We are not replacing the Multi-Pro with this unit and will continue to manufacture both the XA and the Multi-Pro. The primary market for the XA will be Municipalities and rental companies. The Multi-Pro will continue to be the driver of choice customer such as tent installers, landscapers and fence installers where weight and power need to be balanced

The Multi-Pro XA (part no 301003) List Price: $2,632.00

Rhino Tool Company is excited to announce a new handle design for the Ranch and Fence Pro models of the gas powered drivers. The Multi Pro Handle has been very well received and so we have incorporated it in the design of all the gas drivers. The function and power of the Ranch and Fence Pro have not changed. The new design brings the handles in tighter to the unit allowing better control and the top handle tube allows for a gloved hand to more easily grip it. Along with this change you will notice the bottom handle on the GPD45 Multi pro will be removable per the request of some customers. This bottom handle will still be standard on the Multi-Pro, on the Ranch and Fence it will be sold as an accessory only. Everything will be retrofit able to the older units and we will carry replacement parts should customers need a repair and choose not to upgrade.

The Larger Chuck for the GPD-45 XA are now available as well. There are 3 sizes at this time, 3” square, 3-1/2” round and 4” round. To use these chucks the Multi pro must have an adapter plate installed to move the bolts outside the larger chucks, because of the adapter plate the Multi-Pro must also have the extended anvil installed which makes these a good fit for the Multi-Pro XA.



Additional information

Weight 54 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 16 in